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A New Way to Reach Your Customers

With Tanbula, you won’t need to:

  • Create product visuals
  • Create an entire product catalogue
  • Set up new payment systems
  • Prepare legal procedures
  • Set up a website
  • Pay expensive app and registration fees
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Tanbula Lets You Focus on Your Business

Discover new digital opportunities

  • Serve your customers faster by having all your orders in one place
  • Confirm orders using direct messaging
  • Have customers confirm order total before you send out orders
  • Don’t have a specific brand? Confirm an alternative product with your customer directly.
  • Update your customers on new-in products and receive preorders
  • Recommend Tanbula to your customers for a whole new shopping experience

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Why Tanbula?

Expand your customer base

Stand out on a digital platform, receive more orders and gain new customers

Discover most loved products

We analyze your customers’ habits and help you uncover new opportunities.

Manage orders efficiently

Receive instant notifications via mobile or web to stay on top of orders.

User friendly

No product photoshoots, tedious procedures or expensive set up fees.

WhatsApp Integration

Contact your customers directly using WhatsApp messaging.

Catch up to the competition

Gain competitive advantage in today’s e-commerce market and reach more customers.

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“I trust Tanbula to always send me the correct order, so I can relax and focus on my business”

“I receive more orders than ever since I started using Tanbula”

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